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Will Writing Service Gloucester

Complete your final will & testament with our Gloucester based Will Writing Service. Our expert team with 20+ years experience ensure your final wishes are legally documented. Covering estate planning, asset distribution, guardianship arrangements, business succession and more. Our Will Writing Service provides a personalised solution, protecting your assets for peace of mind and your loved ones’ security. Perfect for anyone based in Gloucestershire.

Estate Planning Gloucester

Manage your legacy with our complete estate planning service. Our expert staff with 20+ years experience help you with wills, trusts, protecting assets and asset distribution, ensuring your wishes are realised. From minimising taxes to protecting your loved ones and any inheritance, we guide you to a personalised solution for your peace of mind.

Powers of Attorney Gloucester

Legally Bound Gloucester are fully qualified to guide you through Powers of Attorney arrangements. Safeguard your future with our Power of Attorney arrangement service. We guide you through the process of legally designating trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf. From financial matters to healthcare directives, we ensure your wishes are protected and respected. Perfect for anyone based in Gloucestershire.

Related Services

With a focus on Estate Planning, Trusts, Will Writing and Powers of Attorney we also offer other services including:

Bloodline Planning | Trust Planning | Multiple Siblings Trusts | Business Succession | Care Planning | Financial Assessments | In Anticipation of Marriage | Tenants in Common | Severance of Tenancy | Joint Tenants

Please get in contact if you are interested in any of these services, we would love to help with your planning, securing the future for you and your family. Legally Bound are an experienced, trustworthy team led by Alex Bound who has 20+ years experience.

Wills Gloucester

Let’s Protect Your Wealth With Our Will Writing Service

Legally Bound Gloucester Will Writing Services are tailor-made to suit every set of personal circumstances and every pocket. Looking after you, your family, and the generations to follow.

There are a number of ways in which your home, savings and business are vulnerable to attack. We’re here to safeguard these hard earned assets for you and your family, using simple but effective strategies.

Irrespective of your age or the value of your estate, making a Will and putting your affairs in order is one of the most important tasks that you are likely to undertake. We are happy to meet you in our office, or if you would prefer, we will arrange to visit you in the comfort of your own home, to assess your current situation, answer your questions and provide peace of mind for the future. Contact Us Today!

Will Writing Facts
  • Everyone should have a Will, but 2 out of 3 people have not yet made a Will and those that have, may not have the correct Will in place.
  • If you own a business or a share of a business then your spouse / partner and children may not inherit your share of a business.
  • A large proportion of any inheritance is lost in future divorce settlements, to creditors or bankruptcy and unnecessary taxation.
  • An estimated 70,000 people per year have to sell their homes to pay for care.

Your Wealth. Your Wishes. Legally Bound.

Make A Will
Will Clarity Statement
Will Writing Services Gloucestershire

The vast majority of people put off making a Will for a variety of reasons, either believing that the people they would wish to inherit will automatically do so, or because they don’t think it is relevant to them at this particular time.

The reality is that you can put off making a Will until it is too late and this poses all sorts of problems for the people left behind and could mean that some, or all of your inheritance, either goes to the wrong person or to the state.

Everyone needs to make a Will. In particular, anyone with dependant relatives must do so. Anyone who owns a property or has any type of asset which you would wish relatives, friends or charities to benefit from should also make a Will.

Making a Will enables you to plan exactly what will happen to your property (estate) following your demise. This ensures that those you would like to benefit actually do so, in accordance with your wishes and at the same time avoiding any disputes between relatives. Contact Us Today!

Legally Bound. Services:

Bloodline Planning

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Multiple Siblings Trusts

Business Succession

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Financial Assessments

In Anticipation of Marriage

Tenants in Common

Severance of Tenancy

Joint Tenants