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What is a Trust? | Reasons to setup a Trust

What is a TrustBelieve it or not most of us already have one or more trusts without even realising it. A typical example would be a family home which is jointly owned by Mom and Dad. This means that they're both entitled to all of the net value of the property, joint owners of a property or bank account have to follow certain rules, for example: One owner can't just sell a jointly owned house without the agreement of the other and when one owner dies the other owner automatically becomes the...

Make A Will | Why should I make a Will? Reasons to make a Will

Make a Will | Why Should I Make A Will | Reasons to Make a WillIf you think making a will is not that important. That it is something you'll get around to later. You would be surprised if you heard what your non-will would sound like, and perhaps the situation that would be left for your loved ones if you don't have a will in place. It is your responsibility to help your loved ones by having arrangements in place before you pass on. This includes funeral costs, but most importantly your final...