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Safeguard your future with our Powers of Attorney services. Legally Bound have over 20 years of experience, we guide you through the process of legally designating trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf. From financial matters to healthcare directives, ensuring your wishes are protected and respected.

Powers of Attorney Gloucestershire

Growing older = problems for us and our loved ones.
If I Am Unable To Manage My Affairs?
There may come a time in your life when you are unable to manage your financial affairs or personal welfare. Owing to some form of incapacity, you will need someone to act on your behalf.
Even when we are young, we can find ourselves incapacitated owing to illness or injury. It is invaluable having a reliable person, who is able to manage your personal affairs and remove the anxiety of having unpaid bills, at a time when you most need peace of mind.
Similarly, as we get older, the need for an attorney increases as we are more prone to illness and injuries.
By creating a Power of Attorney in advance, ensures that if the worst were to happen, you can rest assured that both your financial affairs and personal welfare are in safe hands. Contact Us Today!

Loss of mobility or illness makes it difficult to manage your affairs

• An elderly relative losing capacity is difficult enough for loved ones to deal with, without the added worry that finances are becoming muddled.

• The prospect of unpaid bills can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, and delay someone’s recovery.

• Having someone you know and trust and more importantly understands you, to manage your affairs, is far preferable than a court official.

• Even the young can encounter problems due to accident or illness.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants a named person(s) to act on behalf of another person in various matters. This includes dealing with issues relating to financial, legal, and healthcare decisions. These powers are crucial in situations where an individual becomes incapacitated or unable to make decisions.

There are different types of powers of attorney, each serving specific purposes. A general power of attorney grants broad authority to the appointed person(s), allowing them to handle a range of financial and legal matters on behalf of the client. This type of POA is used for temporary situations or when the client anticipates being unavailable for certain tasks.

A durable power of attorney remains effective even if the person becomes incapacitated. This ensures continuity in decision-making during challenging times, such as in cases of illness or disability.

Healthcare powers of attorney, also known as healthcare proxies or medical powers of attorney, specifically authorise an agent to make medical decisions on behalf of the principal when they are unable to do so themselves.

Creating a power of attorney involves selection of a trusted agent. It is crucial the person is someone who understands the clients wishes and is willing to act in their best interests. The scope of authority granted to the agent in the POA must be detailed.

Having a power of attorney in place provides peace of mind. Knowing someone trusted is empowered to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Consulting with legal professionals experienced in estate planning ensures that your power of attorney documents meet your specific needs and circumstances. Legally Bound have over 20 years of experience with POA’s and deliver a comprehensive service to ensure POA’s are put in place correctly and in line with your wishes. Contact Us Today!